Around Mont-Blanc


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Vaellus Mont Blancin ympäri on yksi Alppien kuuluisimmista vaelluksista.


The cross-border (France – Italy – Switzerland) hike around Mont Blanc is a unique way of admiring the spectacular peaks and glaciers of the Roof of Europe and its satellite summits, 28 of which soar to above 4,000 m.


The standard route has evolved over the years (accommodation, footpaths, waymarkers), as has the way in which the tour is done, with hikers able to choose from several alternative routes.


This new, easy-to-use guidebook is divided into three chapters describing:



    • The classic, six-day Tour of Mont Blanc, as followed by most hikers,


    • An eleven-day circuit through the high meadows allowing the entire circuit to be accomplished on foot,


    • Descriptions of eleven Alpine variants that can be integrated into either of the two main circuits.




    • Stages defined on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the Mont Blanc area.


    • Clear and precise directions presented in a simple and intuitive format.


    • A practical and attractive guidebook with:




    • Numerous full-colour photographs of the route and the terrain that has to be crossed, as well as panoramic views to help identify surrounding summits and landmarks,


    • Maps showing the route to follow.



François-Eric Cormier has been a walking guide with the Chamonix Guides Company since 1990, during which time he has led innumerable treks around Mont Blanc.


As a professional photographer and writer, he regularly contributes articles to the outdoor press and has produced several other guidebooks including Chamonix-Zermatt, hiking (JMEditions).


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